Monday, March 12, 2012

Nice weekend, besides one minor detail....

Well this weekend started out great!! Friday after work my mom and I grabbed some Papa Murphey's, cooked it up and we all ate pizza and watched the Jazz play. It was a nice relaxing evening, something that was well needed by everyone. Saturday was a usual day. We hit the gym, ran a few errons, and headed home. We decided to go to Typanyaki (spelling may be wrong..) I have been before, but mom, dad, and Austin had never experienced it. We headed out early (due to the Jazz playing again) and had a blast! The food was amazing and so was our chef. It is a pricey place, but so worth it!! Another great Evening!
Well Saturday night into Sunday morning I began to get a very sore throat, around 1:00am Sunday morning I was in tears. My throat had never hurt so bad! I could hardly turn my head, it was a bit hard to breath and I was in a ton of pain. I didn't go back to sleep. Austin woke up around 7 and found out what was going on and ran to the store to get some over the counter stuff. I tried what he got but it didn't help at all. I got on the computer to check out my doctor, but they don't have any facilities in the area with urgent care open on Sunday. My mom then woke up and said I needed to go to the emergency room. Austin took me to Davis Hospital and we began the check in process. Luckily there was only one couple ahead of us, unluckily was the fact that even though I got checked in, and placed in a room it took forever for the doctor to see me! After what seemed like forever and many tears cried, the doctor made it in. I had to x-rays and my throat swabbed. After some more waiting I was diagnosed with strep throat, a pretty bad case of it! They gave me some steroids to cut the swelling, pain killers and antibiotics. I am on the mend now, but was contagious for 24 hours, so I had to get a sub for work . I hate missing work due to being sick, but there was no choice in this case. I feel for anyone who has had this, It is an awful. awful thing to go through!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. SEUSS!

Well this week was a bit crazy to say the least. This was my first full week of being a teacher. The week went well, and I am beginning to get a bit more settled. We had parent teacher conferences this week so I was not home until 8 most nights. The conferences went smooth and I was able to meet some very nice people. Friday was Dr. Seuss's birthday so I planned some fun things for the kids to do each day. On Friday we ate cupcakes, made One Fish, Two fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish graph, made hats, and read some fun stories! It was a fun day!
My calendar wall. I want to change the classroom more, but have decided not to seeing as to how the year is almost over.

My Smart Board.. Put a fun sign up!

My class! I look all a mess, it was crazy !

Funny Faces!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day !!!

Well it was a wonderful day full of love!

These are just some of our Valentines decorations!

I got up earlier than normal and put some hearts in my dads van with some things for him to munch on on his way to work. I then finished getting ready and headed to Starbucks (for some coffee for my mom) and then  over to her work (before she got in) and decorated her desk with candies and hearts. I love doing little things for people that they don't expect.I finally arrived to my work/school and got the classroom ready for the kids (I'm still at Lakeside until this Thursday.) I put hearts up around the door and decorated the white board (this is the stuff I live for. I love the fun things in school!) I went down and was able to observe the kindergarten teachers for an hour and I was able to get some great ideas! During my lunch break I ran to Jimmy Johns and got Austin lunch. I ran it to his work and put it in his lunch room (un-knowingly to him) and ran back to work. The rest of the day went by as normal until 2:05 then the Valentines day festivities began!

The valentines I made for the kids! They also got some

 We have some great room mothers plan some fun things for the kids to do! One mom brought in Einstein begals in the shapes of hearts! I loved this, so much better then the normal donut and cookie routine! While our party was going on I ventured down to the gym where the 6th graders were having a stomp, and can I just say I never had a dance in elementary like this one! The kids were dressed to the hilt! Boys in black shirts with hot pink, red, white and purple ties and the girls were all dressed up and looked darling! They were having so much fun. I stuck around and watched them do a couples dance (the waltz) and they did so GOOD!!!! I loved it! We wrapped up our class party by having the class pass out their Valentines. I got so many cute things from them! I love the students so much! I am dreading leaving them!

I recieved so many cute things! I just can't put into words how much I love these kids! They are such a wonderful class.

SOOO CUTE ! from Derek

The teacher I have been working with drew me this as my going away present! He is very talented! I am going to frame it and put a teaching quote between the two owls!

After school I came home and wrapped Austin's moms B-day present (cute sweats and a CD) and Austin and I ran it out to her. We came home and did Valentines here. Everyone is so loved and got completely spoiled! Austin got some sweats, a Utah Jazz Hat and some other fun things. My mom got a darling shirt, knifes, a gift card and such.  Dad got a pedicure (lol he really wanted one, long story!) and the Book of Morman on CD and a few other items. I received a mini shark vacuum cleaner (yes I am compulsive and like cleaning supplies), some darling owl items and Utah Utes work out wear from Austin, a couple dessert cooking items and a gift card to my salon! 

My classroom is going to be based around owls, hence all the owl stuff. I have loved owls  (and wolves) for a long time before they became popular. Now I am able to find them everywhere so I will use this to my advantage!

It was a wonderful day and I am a very loved person! I love my family and Fiance so much that it is un explainable!  

Im A Teacher!!!!

It is a very long story how this happened, that I may tell at a later date, but for now I will leave you with this...
I start teaching my own kindergarten class next Tuesday at T.O Smith Elementary!!!
I am so very excited!!! My student teaching will still count as I teach (Getting paid to student teach!! Heck YES!)
My contract with T.O. Smith is until the end of this school year and then I am going to look for a position in Davis District. (Where I live.)
This will be a great experience! Stressful, but FUN!  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homemade Holiday Hand Scrub!

Yesterday I was looking around on the Internet for gift ideas for our neighbors. We usually bake (and we still will, but I wanted something more personal.) While searching I found this darling idea of making a body scrub. I found a few different recipes and decided to do a hand scrub instead. They turned out so darling and were super simple to make!!

Here is how it was done:
I went to the store and got some Dawn Hand Renewal soap (get the biggest one), a bag of sugar (pure white, you could do brown but I wanted my mix to be white)  and some small cute jars.
First: Measure the sugar in the size jar you will be using (I had 12 jars so I put 12 jars of sugar in the bowl, I also did two batches because my bowl was not big enough to mix all of it at once.)

Second: You add the hand soap to the consistency you want. I would add some, stir, add some more. I did mine fairly thick, kind of the consistency of the stuff you use at Bath and Body works.

Third:  I then added some Doterra Peppermint oil (12 drops, then I put 1 drop on the top of each mixture before I put the lids on.) The recipe said you could use peppermint extract (that you cook with), but I didn't want that! The Doterra oil is actual good and nourishing for your hands and elevates your mood so I went with that instead.
I am a big fan of essential oils and use them for everything, from my sore muscles to a blemish on my face! Love them!

 Fourth: My mom cut out wrapping paper to go on the lids, I made some Christmas labels and we tied some ribbon and a spoon onto the jars. 

The finished project was super cute and it really took maybe an hour to complete the whole thing!  

Next I am attempting:
Red Velvet truffles and Black Berry Mini Tarts! They look and sound amazing!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well it's Offical Student Teaching Placement!!

I received my student teaching placement today, drum roll please.................

Lakeside Elementary is the winner!!!

 I am elated to be teaching at the school that is around 15 houses west of mine, straight down the street!  I hated with a passion driving to and from Weber State everyday and some semesters it was two times a day!!! That gets very old my friends!
I will be teaching with Mr. Hassle in 2nd grade (I have never worked with a guy teacher, and I am excited to see his teaching strategies!) I will also be teaching with Mrs. Homer in 6th grade (yes sixth grade, it is a bit intimidating, but I feel It will be a good experience!)
I am excited to be almost done with school! Graduation is a few short months away!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

West Clinton Christmas Party !

Mom and I had our work Christmas party last night at Ruby River Steak House. It was Great!!
My dad and Austin were our guests (like we would invite anyone!) Before we headed out I decided to take a few pics. TIS the Season.

We arrived at 6:30 and had our choice of the New York steak or raspberry chicken. I am the only one that had the chicken (not a huge steak fan.) The food was great and it was nice to have a party outside of the work place! Mom won a 15$ I tunes gift card (that I may have to steal)... It was a fun filled evening!

Lol I don't even know... Austin picked me up and mom had a camera...

.... Can I just say I can't get enough of Breaking Dawn. I have seen it twice and have the soundtrack memorized... Nerd? Possibly ...  

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So much Going ON!!!

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone... How did that happen??
Thanksgiving was wonderful, as always. My break started on Wednesday and still it went way to fast! We had Thanksgiving at our house. Mom and I started cooking on Wednesday and didn't stop until Thursday afternoon. I am so grateful to have a mom who has taught me how to be a great cook! I love to cook because of her influence on me. Dinner was amazing and it was great to have some family over. After we ate Austin and I went out to his parents to say hi to the Fam and have some dessert. I love the Carters! Never a dull moment! We came back and vegged out the rest of the evening.
Friday we decorated till we dropped (like literally.) I was going to out shopping and then convinced myself I did not want to be part of the madness. If I would have had a particular item to go after I may have, but I didn't, so instead I decorated....... I think I would have been more successful shopping! We decorate from top to bottom and by the end of the day I was not in the best mood! I was an electrician, an interior decorator, a search and rescue specialist and climber! I was very beat to say the least! I can say now that our house is about done, besides the mantle, I have some cute ideas in mind! Austin went with Cody to the last home game for Utah. I was so sad to see the results of that game! I feel we have had a great season though, we went a lot further than many thought we would!!! GO UTAH! The rest of the weekend was spent doing a little of this and that. It was a wonderful holiday weekend and I am so very grateful for all I have in my life! We are truly blessed!

I am about done with school for this semester!!! Holy cow graduation is in sight!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Well.... I ... to say the least... am very disappointed .... in our ... NBA SITUATION !

My mother is a very huge Jazz fan (and has been since I can remember.)  These past few months have not been very pleasant with all the turmoil with the lockout. The NBA have been more then fair with all the negoiations, and the players (the big-name ones..) have not been presented with an option, that they seem to like enough, to make a deal!
I feel very sorry for our rookies, who would like to be playing, and enjoy the game of basketball! I also feel  sorry for our energy solutions center, all the people who are employeed with it, the fans, frontrunner, the Jazz dancers and basically for the state of Utah (due to so much loss in revenue from lack of jazz games!) My poor mom was literally in tears when we heard the latest last night about where the situation lies from here on out. I hope they get their butts sewed and can't play anymore. From what I understand the negotations are now at an illegal point, and the players contracts are void due to not playing at this time in the year. The NBA are now moving in to litegations and I hope the players have good lawyers because I have a feeling they are going to get what they deserve!
Here is another small note added:
Stern told ESPN that the players "walked away from an offer that would not have had a rollback from the existing contract, would have had guaranteed contracts" and would have raised the average salary from around $5 million a year to more than $7 million.


Can you imagine not having basketball games to watch anymore..... I can't !

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So for the past two months I have been planning a surprise, 25th, (friend), birthday, costume party for Austin!
 I had thought about the idea along time ago, and thought that his 25th birthday was pretty important, I mean he is now a quarter of a century year old! That's kinda of mind blowing! This past week was my fall break from school and work, so I was able to have two days to devote time to nothing but party planning  (even though I had been shopping, getting a costume, decorating, creating invites, cleaning and so much more prior to.) My mom and I ran around like mad ladies getting this and that to insure the night would be a hit! Austin went hunting with his dad and brothers Friday night and was out of the house until 7:45 Saturday night. We began putting decorations up and cooking on Friday evening and didn't stop all weekend!


Saturday arrived and I was set to party (along with all of our other friends!) I had told Austin a few weeks ago that there was a friend of mine having a costume party and that he needed to get home by eight so we could go. So due to this lie I was able to have him get home for the surprise! Mostly everyone was there for the surprise (a few people couldn't make it until a little later.) Austin arrived and he was shocked! I thought that he may of had some idea, but we got him! He was officially surprised! Everyone looked amazing!! So many great Costumes!

Cute Hippies!
(you guys were a hit) Love you !

Sorceress and gorilla lol!

Mitches shark was great!

Cowboy and Saloon gal!


Mom was a kitty

Lol ford and I

And pirate Karen ! To FUN
Austin went in and changed into his costume, and we continued on with the fun evening.

We had a bon fire outback in our pasture (along with games), chili and corn chowder in the kitchen, a dry ice filled cauldron filled with witches brew, tons of yummy snacks (7 layer dip, cake pops (so wonderful Paige!), chocolate dipped pretzels, chips, corn muffins and literally so much more)! Thank you to Cody and Paige Gift, Karen Dave and Zack, Cricket Sarah and Sam, Lacey and Justin, Mitchell, Dar and especially my mom and dad for helping me with soooooooooooo much! The night was a success.

Sunday (Austins real B-Day) was nice as well. He headed up into the mountains again  and still had no luck getting a deer... I cleaned the house (lol again) and ran a few Arron's. Mom and I wrapped gifts and messed around. later Austin got back and mom, dad, Aus and I went to Outback for his birthday dinner. So good! We came back and opened gifts, he got totally spoiled! We had a nice relaxing evening and couldn't have asked for a better weekend! 
I love Austin soo much and I am elated that he is mine and that we are getting married. God created an amazing, hardworking, sweetheart when he made him! Can't wait to spend forever with him. Happy Birthday babe! 

-Oh he bought a newer truck as well. A beautiful red Ford F150. Love it !  

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Utes, Crows and Candy!!! LOL

Well this past weekend Austin and I were able to attend the Utah game, thanks to our friends Paige and Cody Gift!We took Front Runner down, caught a shuttle and arrived at the stadium, with no headache from traffic! (Even though they lost) it was so much fun!!!  It sprinkled a little, but then turned out to be a beautiful day! Thanks so much for the tickets guys!

Here are the pics of Halloween decorating! I had a ton of fun, and there is more to come with an event I have planned for next weekend!!!

The Darling Witch is vinyl that I got at Joannes for 14.99, new addition to our decorations this year..

Crows are a theme through out the house. (big one from Tai Pan little ones dollar tree. I'm a bargain shopper!)

Just thought this was cute!

K so we had a mantle put in down stairs!! This was a blast to decorate!
I got all the glass jars at Tai Pan and the trick or treat sign the rest was Dollar Tree and Winco!
I used marshmallows and black Jelly beans to fill this jar. (freeze the marshmallows first so they don't get smashed!)

Purple taffy and black Licorice in these two!
(Owl was from Tai Pan) My FAV Thing!

Cute End Result!

Cats at a garage sale ( I have put for their eyes since this pic)
all the cork screw branches came from our yard!!